Industrial Wastewater Treatment Equipment

Our proprietary products set the international benchmark for wastewater treatment equipment. You’ll find them operating across a diverse range of industries worldwide including the Middle East, China and South-East Asia.




Oil separators

20-year guarantee

At SWA Water Australia, we stand by the integrity of our design and the quality of our work by offering a twenty-year guarantee on our SWA’s CC Range of CPI oil separators, but conditions do apply, so please get in touch.

Our proprietary equipment is manufactured to stringent standards, using high grade material, such as stainless steel, to ensure longevity and reliability. Our designs can be customised to fit the specifics of your plant and meet the specific standards and compliance requirements of your industry.




Image of a industrial oil separators at SWA Water

Industrial oil separators

Our industrial oil separator is the best in the world, with the proven ability to reduce oil concentration from 10,000 ppm to less than 1 ppm. With no moving parts within the oil separator, our units are robust and easy to maintain, run at a low operating cost and are highly efficient. Manufactured from stainless steel with other materials available, our industrial oil separators are designed for efficient shipping and installation.

Our CC range of CPI coalescing plate oil separators are modular in design and can be customised to suit your operating conditions, from small workshops and service stations through to large oil refineries.





We will size the oil separator to meet your operational requirements and guarantee the performance for your conditions.

Operating conditions may include:

  • Flow rate
  • Influent oil concentration
  • Specific gravity of the oil
  • Operating temperature
  • Discharge oil concentration required.

SWA can supply oil separators for above ground or in-ground installations:

  • SWA can supply modular plate packs to fit into concrete tanks
  • SWA can supply tilted plate, downflow and cross-flow separators
  • SWA can supply double skinned oil separators with leak detection
  • Materials available: stainless steel, duplex and super duplex.



Wastewater Treatment Plant

Dissolved air flotation unit (DAF)

Our compact and highly efficient dissolved air flotation units (DAF units) are designed with flexibility in mind.

We’ve built hundreds of DAF units, customised to fit every size of factory, from small food processing plants through to large scale abattoirs.

The DAF unit recycling system employs SWA Water Australia’s unique pressure air saturation pipe to create microfine flotation air bubbles to enhance the separation of solids, fats and oils from the water phase.

SWA DAF – Brochure




Our DAF wastewater treatment units are suitable for a wide range of applications, including food, dairy, biodiesel, automotive, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and oil refineries. The superior performance and user-friendly features for operation and maintenance of our DAF units make them incredibly popular with our clients.

SWA can supply:

  • Dissolved gas flotation (DGF) units using nitrogen or other inert gases
  • Explosion-proof rated DAF/DGF units
  • DAF units with integral CPI oil separation plate packs
  • Sludge thickening DAF units (DAFT).




Wastewater Treatment Equipment

DAF unit features

  • Compact unit yields a higher concentration of sludge
  • Customised chemical pre-treatment
  • Easy to drain and clean DAF tanks
  • Air-saturator and pipe work
  • Guards with safe edges and cutaway sections for easy and safe adjustment
  • Sampling valves for easy and safe sample collection
  • Auto-blade washing facility
  • Easily adjusted weir plates
  • Easily accessed pH probes
  • Variable speed scraper motors
  • Scraper motor over torque protection
  • Scraper emergency stop pull wire lanyards.




Lamella solid separators

SWA has developed a range of lamella solid separators designed to remove settleable, suspended solids from water with extremely high loadings and flow rates, making our units ideal for application across the mining industry, including sand dredging. Our solid plate separators are also suitable for coal processing, electroplating and the removal of heavy metals from wastewater.

Highly efficient and designed with an end-use focus ensuring our lamella solid separators are easy to operate and maintain and include up flow, down flow and cross flow options. Constructed from superior materials, our units are compact and contain no moving parts, ensuring reliability, easy upkeep and no stoppages waiting for spare parts.





Cleaning construction pool for sewage treatment

Lamella solid separator features

  • High efficiency, low running cost
  • Robust design and material selection for longevity
  • Full treatment system integration
  • Flexible customised options
  • 60 degree plate angle ensures self cleaning of plate
  • Easy to drain and clean tank
  • Galvanised support steel frame
  • No moving parts = no spare parts required
  • Sampling valves for easy and safe sample collection
  • High flowrate, high loading lamellas available – especially for mining, minerals processing, sand mining and dredging applications.




Industrial wastewater equipment

Industrial wastewater equipment

SWA Water Australia designs and manufactures a wide range of industrial wastewater equipment. All of our units are built for efficiency and reliability and designed with the end-user in mind, ensuring easy operation and maintenance. All our proprietary products can be customised to your requirements.

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