Australian owned and operated, with offices in Malaysia and Thailand, SWA Water Australia delivers complete turnkey engineering solutions and equipment for wastewater treatment plants across the globe. With a purpose-built factory and an expert team of in-house engineers and skilled tradespeople, we pride ourselves on being pioneers in the industry. We work at the coalface and have capability to provide solutions to new and unseen problems.


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Research and Development

We are industry leaders in research and development.

Our strong commitment to ongoing research and development underscores our dedication to delivering the best industrial wastewater treatment outcomes to our clients. We invest heavily in continual improvement of our products and solutions so we can ensure increased performance, efficiency and reliability.

Having R & D integrated into our process means we can approach the most complex problems and take on challenging projects with confidence. As engineers, this gives us immense satisfaction. We stand by the integrity of our work and offer a twenty-year guarantee on a select range of our products and services.




Wastewater treatment equipment


We are meticulous in design.

Quality and performance are the cornerstones of our designs. Years of experience and unrivalled expertise allow us to understand what works best in delivering commercially viable industrial wastewater treatment solutions.

We apply an end-user focus to the design of both our turnkey projects and our industrial wastewater treatment equipment. Every detail from specification and local environmental standards through to the logistics of packing and transport are considered. Our proprietary products are compact in design and can be customised to suit your plant and industry.




Wastewater treatment equipment


We are market leaders in industrial wastewater treatment equipment.

Our industrial wastewater treatment equipment is manufactured in our purpose-built factory here in Australia. We specify high grade material such as stainless steel in the manufacture of our products and solutions to ensure longevity and reliability.

We’ve built and delivered hundreds of wastewater treatment units, including oil separators, DAF units and lamella separators to a wide range of industries all across the globe. Every unit is customised to the client’s exact specifications and undergoes fully documented factory testing.



Our documentation process is robust and efficient.

As any engineer knows all too well, documentation is a major and necessary component of any project. We are able to provide the level of documentation required by our customers.

Our robust process and QMS system ensure that all documentation from pre-qualification to design approval through to factory testing is completed quickly and thoroughly. Our years of expertise and international experience have provided us with a full understanding of local compliance issues and environmental standards.


Waster water treatment plant


Our industrial wastewater treatment solutions are operating in over twenty countries worldwide.

We incorporate flexibility in our designs to ensure every unit we supply can be customised to each client’s exact specifications. Our industrial wastewater treatment equipment is compact for efficient transportation and easy installation.

When we undertake a turnkey project, we guarantee both performance and mechanical integrity of the wastewater treatment plant.




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