The Design and Performance of CPI Oil Separators

CPI Gravity Oil Separators are engineered based on the application of Stokes Law to ensure laminar flow conditions.

Airport Stormwater Treatment Using CPI Oil Separators

In 2011, SWA Water was awarded the contract to design and construct on-site stormwater treatment plants that housed the world’s largest oil separators. Find out more here.

New Managerial Appointment at SWA

SWA Water Australia is excited to announce the appointment of a new Perth-based State Manager for the territories of Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory, Mr Anthony Meyers.

Lamella Solid Separators Explained

Learn more about lamella solids separators, the wastewater treatment technology that removes suspended solids from wastewater.

CPI Oil Separators

SWA’s CPI oil separators are the best in the world, with proven ability to reduce oil concentration from 10000 ppm to less than 1 ppm. Here, we explain how oil separators work and the advantages of such equipment.

DAF Wastewater Treatment Explained

SWA Water has built hundreds of compact and highly efficient DAF units to suit every size factory, with 20 built in the past 2 years alone. Here, we delve into the DAF wastewater treatment process.