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Our new products include a 20-year guarantee, so it’s no wonder that our used products hold their value.

Setting the international benchmark for wastewater treatment equipment, our proprietary products operate across a diverse range of industries worldwide, including the Middle East, China and South-East Asia.

Our stringent manufacturing standards and high-grade materials ensure the longevity and reliability of our equipment, whether new or used.


SWA - Frontview staircase

Currently available

Dissolved air flotation unit (DAF)

Refurbished and fully operational co-current DAF unit available for purchase. Using partial recycle for the dissolved air stream, the unit features SS316 construction, HDG walkways, handrails and access stairs, V-shaped hopper and extremely good dissolved air quality.

Sale ends 30 April 2021.



Australian owned and operated, with offices in Malaysia and Thailand, SWA Water Australia delivers complete turnkey engineering solutions and wastewater treatment equipment for plants across the globe.

With a purpose-built factory and an expert team of in-house engineers and skilled tradespeople, we pride ourselves on being pioneers in the industry. We work at the coalface and have the capability to provide solutions to new and unseen problems.



SWA Water Australia is the world’s leading industrial wastewater treatment company. From oil and gas through to food processing, mining and textiles, you’ll find our industrial wastewater treatment solutions operating across a wide range of industries right across the world.

The 20-year guarantee we extend to our work, new products and services underscores our continued commitment to quality.

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