SWA Water Australia is the world’s leading industrial wastewater treatment company. From oil and gas through to food processing, mining and textiles, you’ll find our industrial wastewater treatment solutions operating across a wide range of industries right across the world. The twenty-year guarantee we extend to our work, products and services underscores our continual commitment to quality.

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Oil & gas

We’ve been delivering quality, cost-effective industrial wastewater treatment services and equipment to the oil and gas industry for well over a decade. We provide complete turnkey engineering solutions with the capability to design and build wastewater treatment plants.

Our market-leading industrial wastewater treatment equipment can be customised to meet your specifications. Our industrial oil separator is the best in the world, with the ability to turn 10,000ppm into less than 1ppm. With no moving parts within the oil separator, our units are robust and easy to maintain, run at a low operating cost and are highly efficient.



The oil and gas projects we’ve successfully delivered include oil refineries and fuel terminals, LNG plants, condensate recovery plants, biodiesel, edible oil processing and grease trap effluent plants.




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Food & dairy industry

From the world’s largest dairy company to China’s biggest producer of soy sauce and Australia’s largest chain of patisseries, we’ve delivered industrial wastewater treatment solutions to a diverse range of food manufacturers across the globe. We’ve designed and built treatment plants from as small as 10m3/d and up to 6000m3/d.

Our compact and efficient dissolved air flotation units (DAF units) are highly regarded by our clients across the food processing industry, thanks to their superior performance and user-friendly features. Our DAF units are specifically designed for easy operation and maintenance. We’ve built hundreds of DAF units, customised to each client’s exact specifications.





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Efficient, cost-effective, easy to use and reliable; this is the consistent feedback we get about our market leading industrial wastewater treatment equipment. Our range of lamella solid separators, designed with extremely high loadings and flow rates, are ideal for mining industry applications.

Designed with an end-user focus, our lamella solid separators are constructed from superior materials, our units are compact and contain no moving parts, ensuring reliability, easy upkeep and no stoppages waiting for spare parts.



Waster water treatment plant


We’ve supplied and commissioned industrial wastewater treatment equipment to power sites across the globe including coal fired, gas fired, hydro and geothermal stations. You’ll find our industry leading products, such as the SWA oil separator, operating in both power stations and substations across the Middle East, South-East Asia and Africa, as well as India, Australia and New Zealand.

We customise our designs to meet your specifications and can incorporate a range of options including non-emulsifying delivery pumps, integral waste oil tanks, control panels and alarms.


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There’s a huge amount of variation in the size and range of production processes in the textile industry as well as different environmental regulations. At SWA Water Australia, we’ve designed and installed treatment plants for small textile plants through to huge textile estates.

Textile wastewater treatment usually incorporates screening, chemical treatment, physical separation, biological treatment and sludge dewatering. With a strong international track record and a core team of expert engineers with deep industry experience, you can rest assured that we can meet the most stringent standards and specifications.



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