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SWA Water Australia is the world’s leading industrial wastewater treatment company. Australian owned and operated, with offices in Malaysia and Thailand, we deliver complete turnkey engineering solutions for wastewater treatment plantsacross a wide range of sectors, including oil and gas, mining, food, dairy and textile manufacturing industries.

Our proprietary products set the international benchmark for wastewater treatment equipment and are operating across international regions, including the Middle East, China and South-East Asia.

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At SWA Water Australia, our mission is simple: we aim to deliver the best industrial wastewater solutionsto the international market. Founding Managing Director John Meyers has been a leader in industrial wastewater treatment technologies for more than thirty years.

Our expert engineers are committed to delivering end-user focused solutions that meet exact specifications. And as a team, we work together to drive innovation and solve the most complex problems. A perfect example is the constant improvement we’ve invested in our industrial oil separators that are able to reduce oil concentration from 10,000ppm to less than 1ppm, an industry-leading breakthrough.

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20-year guarantee

We’re committed to quality and we stand by the integrity of our work. SWA Water Australia offers a twenty-year guarantee on our CC range of CPI oil separators. When we undertake a turnkey project, we guarantee both performance and mechanical integrity of the wastewater treatment plant.

We specify high grade material such as stainless steel in the design of our products and solutions to ensure longevity and reliability. Our multidisciplinary team of engineers has an excellent understanding of local, international and environmental standards and our robust QMS ensures a compliant solution.

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Committed to R&D;

Our dedication to quality and innovation underscores our commitment to ongoing research and development. As engineers, we love the challenge of working at the coalface and solving problems that have never been faced in the market.

Investing heavily in R&D speaks straight to our passion. We are dedicated to the continual improvement of our products and solutions because we know it leads to the best possible outcomes for our clients and it means we can guarantee increased performance, efficiency and reliability.

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As engineers, it gives us great pride to think of the environmental impact our work has made. Our cutting edge technology has made a difference. Over the years our solutions and equipment have separated millions and millions of litres of oil and toxic effluent that would have once gone back into the environment.

Often, we find ourselves working at the coal face of industry and providing solutions to new and complex problems that haven’t been encountered in the market before. This is where our years of international experience and dedication to quality come into play. By being true to our mission and committed to continual improvement we’ve become the global leaders in industrial wastewater treatment solutions.

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