Industrial Wastewater Projects

SWA has a proven track record in industrial wastewater projects and you’ll find our plant equipment operating in more than twenty countries across the globe, including the Middle East, China and South-East Asia. Our proprietary products set the international benchmark for wastewater treatment equipment. We have the capability to deliver complete turnkey engineering solutions across a wide range of sectors including oil and gas, mining, food, dairy and textiles.

Year Country Customer Main Contractor Project Name Industry Description
2007 Australia Alcoa SWA Aus Remelt Plant Upgrade Aluminium 4 x 240 m3/h oil separator plate packs
2007 Oman Sohar Alstom Sohar Power plant 60 m3/h CPI oil separator
2007 Australia Tallawarra Power Alstom Tallawarra Power plant 60 m3/h CPI oil separator
2008 USA Ecowerks SWA (Aus) Ecowerks Oil recovery plant 30 m3/h CPI DAF emulsion breaking plant
2007 – 2015 China Lee Kum Kee SWA Aus Treatment Plant Upgrade Soy sauce 8 x 60 m3/h DAF units
2008 China Nanhai Textile SWA China Upgrade Project Textile 40,000 m3/d D&C centralised textile WWTP
2008 Malaysia Petronas SWA Aus Miri Gas Terminal Gas terminal
2008 Australia Sydney Water Corp SWA Aus St Marys STP STP 2 x 200 m3/h DAF WAS sludge thickener upgrade
2008 Thailand EGAT Italthai Nth Bangkok pp Power plant 1 x 70 m3/h CPI oil separator
2009 Indonesia BlueScope Steel Envitech Perkasa Cilibon Steel 10 m3/h DAF
2009 Australia Vopak Bilfinger Berger Port Botany Terminal Oil terminal 120 & 60 m3/h CPI oil separators
2009 New Zealand Origin Energy Macsep Kupe Oil Terminal Oil terminal 40 m3/h oil separator
2009 New Zealand Fonterra Murdoch Longburn Dairy 250 m3/h DAF plant
2009 New Zealand Fonterra Eltham Dairy 40 m3/h DAF plant
2009 Australia Buderim Ginger SWA Aus WWTP Upgrade Ginger 20 m3/h DAF plant
2010 Australia King Island Dairy SWA Aus KID Cheese 40 m3/h DAF plant
2010 New Zealand Shell Todd Macsep Paratutu Oil terminal 50 m3/h CPI oil separator
2011 Malaysia Pepsi Cola Veolia WWTP Upgrade Beverage 40 m3/h DAF plant
2011 Indonesia Pertamina Envitech Oil refinery 2 x 90 m3/h DAF units
2011 Australia Rio Tinto SWA Aus Kestrel Mine Mine 75 m3/h CPI oil separator
2012 Thailand SCG Chemicals SCG Map Ta Phut Olefins Plant Petro-chemical 40 m3/h CPI oil separator & DAF plant
2012 Singapore Alstom Banyan PP Power plant 150 m3/h CPI oil separator
2012 Australia Visy IH2OM Yatala Can Factory Can factory 20 m3/h DAF plant
2013 Indonesia Honda Envitech Treatment Plant Upgrade Automobiles 1 x 30 m3/h DAF plant
2013 Thailand EGAT Thai Shinryo BIC 1 Power plant 1 x 20 m3/h CPI oil separator
2013 UAE ENOC Audex Treatment Plant Oil terminal 50 m3/h CPI oil separator – design, supply, test & commission
2014 Sri Lanka Fonterra Fonterra Dairy 15 m3/h DAF plant
2014 Australia AB Mauri SWA Aus AB Mauri Yeast plant 50 m3/h DAF plant
2015 Indonesia Shell Oil JGC Oil blending 60 m3/h CPI oil separator & GAC filter
2015 Thailand EGAT Demco Chana Power plant 1 x 145 m3/h CPI oil separator
2016 New Zealand Allied Faxi SWA Treatment Plant Ice cream 1 x 20 m3/h chemical DAF plant
2017 New Zealand Tatua Dairy SWA Treatment Plant Dairy 1 x 200 m3/h chemical DAF plant
2018 Malaysia Dialog SWA Water Malaysia Pengerang PDT2 Oil terminal 600 m3/d WWTP – 2 x 110 m3/h CPI oil separators; 2 x 30 m3/h DAF units; biological treatment; GAC filters; sludge dewatering.
2018 Australia Fonterra SWA Fonterra Stanhope Cheese Factory 6,000 m3/d D&C Turnkey Chemical DAF Plant
2018 Australia Orora SWA Orora Revesby Aluminium Can Manufacture 15 m3/h DAF Plant
2018 Australia Fresh Dairy One DVO Moxey Farms Intensive Cow Farm 50 m3/h DAF Thickener Plant
2018 Indonesia PT Freeport SWA Freeport Gold mine 2 x 75 m3/h Oil Separators
2019 Indonesia PT Freeport SWA Freeport Gold mine 1 x 75 m3/h Oil Separator
2019 Australia Inghams SWA Inghams Ingleburn Poultry Processing 20 m3/h D&C DAF Plant
2019 Australia HMAS Cerberus Waterform Fire Training Plant Navy Fire Training 25 m3/h DAF Plant
2020 Australia Mirvac Tradewise Harbour Centre Restaurants & Food Outlets 50 m3/h DAF Plant
2020 Vietnam Long Son Refinery Samsung/SWA Malaysia Long Son Refinery Oil Refinery 15 m3/h DAF Plant
2020 Thailand Lenzing U-Chem T3 Project Paper Plant 10 kg/h Polymer Blending & Dosing Plant
2020 Australia Vopak Dialog Vopak B4 Extension Oil Terminal 100 m3/h CPI Oil Separator



Name Shell Monas Lube Oil Blending Plant Name King Island Dairy Name Lee Kum Kee
Country Indonesia Country Australia Country China
Year 2015 Year 2010 Year 2006, 2008, 2012, 2014
Description SWA 60 m3/h CPI Oil Separator.
Tested at 10,000 mg/l feed oil; Outlet oil <1 mg/l (99.99% recovery)
Description Turnkey design & construct WWTP for 350 m3/d Cheese plant – chemical DAF Plant Description World’s largest Soy Sauce manufacturer. SWA supplied 2, then 4, then 6 then 8 x 60 m3/h DAF Units
Name Fujairah Oil Terminal FZC Name Harbourside Shopping Centre Name Inghams Poultry
Country United Arab Emirates Country Australia Country Australia
Year 2014 Year 2020 Year 2020
Description SWA 50 m3/h EX rated integrated CPI Oil Separator & DAF unit. Tested 2,000 mg/l feed oil; outlet oil < 1 mg/l Description SWA 50 m3/h DAF Plant for commercial food outlets, Darling Harbour, Sydney. Description SWA designed and constructed a 20 m3/h DAF treatment plant. The treatment process included screen, Balance Tank, pH control, coagulation, flocculation, DAF, Neutralisation, sewer discharge.
Name PT Freeport Indonesia Name Fonterra Australia Name Fresh Dairy One
Country Indonesia Country Australia Country Australia
Year 2014, 2016, 2018, 2019 Year 2018/2019 Year 2019
Description SWA has supplied several 75 m3/h CPI Oil Separators for various locations within the Freeport mine sites. Description SWA designed and constructed a 6,000 m3/d (250 m3/h) DAF treatment plant for the Fonterra dairy factory at Stanhope, Victoria. Description SWA 50 m3/h Sludge Thickening style DAF Unit, incorporating polymer flocculation for a 10,000 cow intensive milk farm. Manure collected from the barns and milking sheds is treated by anaerobic digestion. The waste sludge phase from the digestors is pumped to a SWA DAF Thickener. The DAFT Sludge is dewatered using sludge dewatering screw presses.
Name PTTGC I4 Olefin Plant Name A B Mauri Name Permanis Sdn Bhd (Pepsi Cola)
Country Thailand Country Australia Country Malaysia
Year 2015/2016 Year 2014/2015 Year 2012
Description This project was awarded by UChem to SWA for the design, supply & commissioning of a 50 m3/h CPI Oil Separator & a 50 m3/h Dissolved Air Flotation Unit. Hazardous rated Class 1 Div 2 Group C&D T3. Description This project was awarded to SWA for the design, manufacture, supply, installation & commissioning of a 50 m3/h DAF plant with chemical neutralisation, coagulation & flocculation to separate and remove mixed liquor suspended solids from a SBR Biological Treatment Plant. Description Project awarded by Veolia Malaysia for 1 x SWA 30 m3/h DAFT Sludge Thickener (counter-current style) for clarification and thickening of mixed liquor from biological aeration tank.
Name Malaysian Airports (MAHB) – KLIA Terminal 2 Name Banyan Power Station Name Rio Tinto Kestrel Mine, Qld
Country Malaysia Country Singapore Country Australia
Year 2012/2013 Year 2012 Year 2011
Description This project was awarded by MAHB to SWA Water Malaysia Award Consortium JV for the design, manufacture, supply, construction, installation, testing and commissioning of 10 x oil separator sites for flow rates from 1,368 m3/h to 9,900 m3/h with a combined flowrate of 61,000 m3/h. Believed to be the largest Oil Separators in the world. Description Awarded by Alstom Asia Pacific to SWA for the supply of a 150 m3/h SWA CPI Oil Separator. Description Awarded to SWA by Farrelly Constructions for 1 x SWA 75 m3/h CPI Oil Separator. Includes integral waste oil Tank.
Name Pertamina – Cilacap Refinery Name SCG Chemicals – Map Ta Phut Olefins Plant Name North Bangkok Power Station
Country Indonesia Country Thailand Country Thailand
Year 2011/2012 Year 2011/2013 Year 2008
Description Awarded to SWA by PT Envitech Perkasa, SWA supplied and commissioned 2 x 90 m3/h DAF Units, EX rated. Description SCG contracted SWA to supply 1 x SWA 40 m3/h EXDE rated DGF Dissolved Gas Flotation Unit using nitrogen gas. Description Awarded by Italthai to SWA for 1 x SWA 70 m3/h CPI Oil Separator.
Name Ecowerks LLC, Texas Name Nanhai Textile Treatment Plant Name Petronas Carigali – Miri Crude Oil Terminal
Country USA Country China Country Malaysia
Year 2007/2008 Year 2006 – 2008 Year 2007/2008
Description Ecowerks operates a centralised waste water treatment facility catering to the oil industry; receiving, separating oils and sludge and treating oily effluent & emulsions to a city sewer quality. The treatment plant was designed, manufactured, installed, tested & commissioned by SWA. Description SWA designed & constructed this 40,000 m3/d centralised WWTP for 30 textile companies Industrial Estate. The treatment process included screening, Balance Tank, chemical treatment, clarification, biological aeration & secondary clarification, DAF sludge thickeners, sludge dewatering. Description The project involved the conversion of two existing bulk storage tanks 36m dia. X 10m high to primary oil separator tanks, operating at a flow rate of 36, 000 m3/d. The project involved detailed design, CFD analysis (2D & 3D modelling), manufacture of all tank internals including 600 mm dia. Inlet pipe, oil coalescer vessel, baffles, weir troughs, oil skimmers and internal and external pipe work, supervision and inspection of subcontract installation works, testing and commissioning. In all, more than 100 tonnes of equipment requiring 7 x 40 ft containers was manufactured by SWA at its Sydney factory.
Name Sydney Water Corporation Name Vopak Oil Terminal – Sydney Name Origin Energy NZ
Country Australia Country Australia Country New Zealand
Year 2008 Year 2008/2009 Year 2009
Description Sydney Water Corporation engaged SWA to overhaul to large sludge Thickening DAFT Units at the St Marys STP.
Feed TSS: 8,860 mg/l; Outlet TSS 62 MG/L (99.3% capture rate); Sludge solids content 3.4 – 6.0%. No polymer.
Description SWA was engaged to manufacture and supply a 120 m3/h CPI Oil Separator and activated carbon filters. Description SWA supplied 1 x SWA 40 m3/h CPI Oil Separator in SS304 with an integral waste oil tank; designed to NZ Seismic Code.
Name Alcoa Australia – Yennora Casting Plant, Sydney Name Fonterra Co-operative Co, Longburn, Palmerston North Name Panyu EPB – Centralised Textile WWTP
Country Australia Country New Zealand Country China
Year 2007 – 2012 Year 2009 – 2010 Year 2006 – 2007
Description Alcoa has an aluminium casting plant at Yennora in Sydney. The cooling water system is a recycled water system which has die release oil in it, hence the system has 4 bays each with a 240 m3/h plate pack for oil separation. The original FRP packs were supplied in 1978. Alcoa engaged SWA to replace the defunct plate packs with stainless steel packs. Description SWA supplied a 250 m3/h co-current DAF unit in SS304. Using acid coagulation only, this plant achieves TSS 90% reduction; Fats 97% reduction; BOD 67% reduction & TKN 62% reduction.
The DAF float varies 11.2 – 17.3% solids content; av 15.0%.
Description This was a D&C contract for an upgrade to an existing WWTP Industrial Estate for 20 textile companies. The treatment process included screening, pump well, chemical flocculation for colour removal & COD, SS and turbidity reduction, primary clarifiers, biological treatment, 1 x 200 m3/h DAF sludge thickeners & 2 x 2m wide belt filters. Control system using PLC & SCADA. The upgrade included increasing the plant capacity from 15,000 m3/d to 30,000 m3/d, inlet screening, DAF unit, addition of new 10,000 m3/d BBR, including design, manufacture, construction, testing & commissioning while keeping the existing plant fully operational on a 24/7 basis.