SWA Water’s DAF Thickeners: The Ultimate Solution for Reliable and Effective Wastewater Treatment

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SWA Water Australia specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of industrial wastewater treatment plants, such as oil separators, solids separators and dissolved air flotation (DAF) units. Among these units, our DAF thickeners have emerged as the go-to solution for a wide range of industries. This is why.

SWA DAF Units Range: Offering Versatile Wastewater Treatment Solutions

SWA provides a variety of DAF units, including industrial effluent treatment OAF units, sludge thickening OAF units, co-current and counter-current, carbon steel, stainless steel and concrete tank bodies. We also provide a variety of material options, including epoxy-painted carbon steel, stainless steel SS304 or SS316 tank bodies, duplex or super duplex stainless steel tank bodies and concrete tank bodies (built on-site) for larger units.

Types of DAF Units Available: Tailored for Specific Requirements

SWA provides dissolved air flotation (OAF), dissolved gas flotation (DGF), and dissolved nitrogen flotation (DNF) units (DNF). To provide more tailored and customised solutions, the units can be integrated with integral or pre-OAF oil separation plate packs, chemical coagulation/flocculation and emulsion breaking.

Customised Options Available: Tailored to Meet Specific Project Needs

SWA offers a range of highly customised options, including top and bottom scrapers, integral reaction tanks, screw conveyors, totally enclosed and gas-blanketed, walkways, scraper washing systems, chemical treatment to enhance performance and explosion-proof electrics. These options make it possible to tailor the DAF unit to the specific requirements of the project, ensuring optimal performance and efficient wastewater treatment.

SWA OAF Units for Various Industries: A Perfect Fit

SWA DAF units have been used in a range of industries, including dairy, abattoirs, automotive manufacture, biodiesel, chemical manufacturing, coal washing, commercial kitchens, cosmetics, food and dairy, ice cream manufacture, metal finishing, oil refineries, pharmaceutical, poultry processing, power stations, tanneries and WAS thickening.

What Makes SWA’s OAF Units Stand Out: Combining Reliability, Performance and User-friendliness

SWA DAF units are built to be dependable, consistent in performance, and easy to operate and maintain. The units have easy-to-drain and clean OAF tanks, air saturator and pipework, guards with safe edges and cutaway sections to allow scraper adjustment without removing the guards. The units have:
• sampling valves for easy and safe sample taking
• auto blade washing facility
• easily adjusted weir plates
• easily accessed pH probes
• variable speed scraper motors
• scraper motor over-torque protection
• scraper motor emergency stop pull wires

SWA Water is the world’s leading industrial wastewater treatment company. Australian-owned and operated, with offices in Australia, Malaysia and Thailand, we deliver complete turnkey engineering solutions and products for wastewater treatment plants across a diverse range of industries. For more information on our wastewater treatment solutions, please contact us at info@swawater.com.au or visit our website at www.swawater.com.au.

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