Lamella Solid Separators: The Ultimate Solution for Removing Suspended Solids from Water

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Lamella Solid Separators have become the ultimate solution for removing suspended solids from water in a wide range of applications and SWA WATER AUSTRALIA has been at the forefront of providing innovative solutions for industrial wastewater treatment plants. These separators have revolutionised the industry, offering unmatched performance, reliability and customisation options that make them the best choice for businesses across various sectors. Here’s why.

What are Lamella Solid Separators?

Lamella Solid Separators are a type of inclined plate clarifier used to remove settleable suspended solids from water. They utilise a series of inclined plates, also known as lamellae, which act as settling surfaces. The inclined plates increase the settling area, allowing for greater separation of suspended solids from water. As a result, the treated effluent meets the required quality standards.

Unmatched Performance and Reliability

SWA Solid Separators are made using superior materials and equipment, making them reliable and consistent in performance. Whether you need to remove suspended solids from water in heavy-duty truck wash, coal handling, or anodizing, SWA Solid Separators can be trusted to deliver exceptional results.

Additionally, SWA Solid Separators offer customisable options, including integral reaction tanks, walkways, access steps/ladders, sludge thickening and dewatering, skid-mounted control panels and choice of material for both tank body and plate packs. These options allow businesses to tailor the separator to their specific requirements, making them the ultimate solution for removing suspended solids from water.

Compact, Efficient and Customisable

One of the primary benefits of SWA Solid Separators is their compact and efficient design that is highly customisable. The Plate Pack configurations can be customised to suit different flow rates, making them suitable for use in a wide range of applications. Whether you are in construction, mining or electroplating, SWA Solid Separators can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

In addition to their customisation options, SWA Solid Separators are also easy to maintain. The plate packs are easily removable, which allows for easy cleaning and inspection, ensuring that the separator operates at optimal performance. The separators are also designed to be user-friendly for operation and maintenance, ensuring that you do not incur any additional costs for maintenance and repair.

Environmental Compliance

With SWA Solid Separators, businesses can be confident that their treated effluent meets the required quality standards, ensuring environmental compliance. The separators are designed to operate efficiently, reducing the cost of operation and maintenance.

In conclusion, Lamella Solid Separators are one of the ultimate solutions for removing suspended solids from water. Their compact design, efficient operation and customisation options make them suitable for use in a wide range of industries. Providing unrivalled performance, dependability and customisation options make them the best choice for businesses looking for a highly tailored solution.

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