SWA Water Supports PT Freeport Indonesia with their Mine Operations

pt freeport indonesia mining operation

SWA Water, a leading designer and manufacturer of industrial wastewater treatment equipment, is proud of its partnership with PT Freeport Indonesia, a major copper and gold mining company located in Indonesia. Since 2014, SWA Water has played a crucial role in supporting PT Freeport’s environmental sustainability efforts by supplying a total of five CC75 (75㎥/h) oil separators for their mine site.

The Challenge: Effective Oil Removal from Mine Waste Water

Mining operations, including copper and gold mining, can generate significant volumes of wastewater. This wastewater often contains oil and grease originating from machinery and equipment. Discharging this untreated wastewater into the environment can have devastating consequences, polluting waterways and harming aquatic life.

The Solution: SWA’s CC75 Oil Separators

SWA Water’s CC75 oil separators provide a highly effective solution for removing oil and grease from industrial wastewater. These separators, constructed from robust SS304 stainless steel, are designed for continuous operation and harsh industrial environments.

With a treatment capacity of 75 cubic metres per hour, the CC75 units are well-suited for the large-scale operations of PT Freeport Indonesia. Each separator is equipped with a walkway and pump-out tank, ensuring safe and efficient maintenance and oil removal.

A Long-Term Partnership Between SWA Water and PT Freeport Indonesia

The ongoing collaboration between SWA Water and PT Freeport Indonesia is a testament to the quality, reliability, and performance of SWA’s wastewater treatment solutions. The first CC75 unit was supplied in 2014, with subsequent orders placed in 2016, 2018, and 2019. This repeat business demonstrates PT Freeport Indonesia’s ongoing satisfaction with SWA Water’s equipment and service.

Beyond Indonesia: SWA Water’s Global Reach

SWA Water is not only a trusted partner in Australia, but also caters to clients worldwide. The company’s expertise and high-quality equipment are used in various industries across the globe, ensuring responsible and sustainable wastewater management practices.

Why Choose SWA Water for Your Industrial Wastewater Treatment Needs?

    • Extensive experience: With a proven track record and numerous successful projects, SWA Water offers the expertise you need to address your specific wastewater treatment challenges.

    • Customised solutions: SWA Water understands that no two projects are alike. They design and manufacture equipment to meet your exact requirements and flow rates.

    • High-quality, durable equipment: SWA Water’s separators are built to last, using robust materials and rigorous manufacturing processes.

    • Reliable performance: You can count on SWA Water’s separators to consistently remove oil and grease from your wastewater, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.

    • Exceptional customer service: SWA Water is committed to providing exceptional customer service throughout the entire process, from initial consultation to after-sales support.

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