Industrial Oil Water Separators For Waste Water

If you’re looking for wastewater treatment services, SWA has a range of CPI style industrial oil separator units available as a Cross Flow Interceptor (CFI), Tilted Plate Interceptor (TFI) and parallel plate gravity separators. SWA’s “CC” Range of co-current coalescing plate oil separators is modular in design and in concept.

We design an industrial oil separator unit to suit specific operating conditions. In recent years, companies within the SWA Water Group of companies have manufactured hundreds of oil separators and wastewater treatment plant systems for power stations, oil refineries, transformer yards, steel works, etc…

SWA has a 20-year warranty on its oil separators – some conditions apply – ask us for details.

 SWA Water Oil Separation System Units

  • Treated effluent free oil content < 10 mg/l standard
  • Separators also available for < 5mg/l treated effluent-free oil content.
  • Variety material available to suit project needs, from carbon
  • Steel to stainless steel SS304, SS316, duplex & super duplex
  • No moving parts within the industrial oil separator
  • More than 200 oil separators made in last two years
  • Low maintenance, low operating cost, high efficiency
  • Chemical and thermal emulsion breaking units
  • Pilot Plants available
  • Experience in various industrial types

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The customer nominates the following operating conditions:

  • Flow rate
  • Influent oil concentration
  • The specific gravity of the oil
  • Operating temperature
  • Discharge oil concentration required

SWA will size the oil separator needed for your specific conditions & SWA will guarantee the performance of the oil separator for your conditions.

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