How SWA Water Helped Inghams Chickens Achieve Sustainable Success with a Cutting-Edge Wastewater Treatment Solution!

Cutting-Edge Wastewater Treatment Solution

In the Food & Beverage industry, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword, it’s a key ingredient for success. Leading poultry producer Inghams Enterprises understands this well, and that’s why they partnered with SWA Water to upgrade their wastewater treatment plant at the Ingleburn processing facility in Australia. In this blog we’ll explore how they benefited both economically and environmentally.

From Outdated to Cutting-Edge

Inghams’ previous plant, operating for over 35 years, was due for an upgrade. It lacked the efficiency and environmental compliance required by today’s standards. SWA Water stepped in, designing and installing a state-of-the-art 20 m3/h Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) treatment plant. This new system boasts several advantages:

Increased Efficiency: The DAF technology significantly reduces the amount of solids and organic matter in the wastewater, ensuring cleaner discharge and improved compliance with regulations.

Reduced Operating Costs: The advanced design optimises energy and chemical usage, leading to lower operational expenses for Inghams.

Environmental Responsibility: By minimising pollutants and maximising water reuse, the new plant plays a vital role in protecting the environment and conserving precious resources.

Inghams Plant Performance:

Cutting-Edge Wastewater Treatment Solution Inghams Plant Performance

Beyond the Numbers

The impact of SWA Water’s solution extends far beyond technical specifications. For Inghams, the upgraded plant translates to:

Enhanced Brand Reputation: Consumers are increasingly conscious of environmental practices. Showcasing a commitment to sustainability through responsible wastewater management strengthens Inghams’ brand image and consumer trust.

Future-Proofing Operations: The new plant is designed to accommodate future growth and comply with evolving regulations, ensuring Inghams’ long-term sustainability goals are met.

Community Goodwill: By minimising environmental impact, Inghams demonstrates its commitment to being a responsible neighbour, fostering positive community relations.

The SWA Water Difference

SWA Water isn’t just about building equipment, they’re about building partnerships. They understand the unique needs of each client and tailor their solutions accordingly. In Inghams’ case, the focus was on efficiency, sustainability, and long-term value. The result? A wastewater treatment plant that not only meets environmental regulations but also contributes to Inghams’ overall success.

Looking for a sustainable wastewater treatment solution for your Food & Beverage operation?

Contact SWA Water today and experience the difference. They’ll work with you to design, build, and service a system that meets your specific needs and helps you achieve your sustainability goals. Email or call them on 02 9773 0845 to arrange a consultation to discuss your project requirements.

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