Catherine Di

General Manager

Catherine Di’s career has grown along with SWA Water Australia. She began working with SWA in 2007, while she was still at university studying architecture.

Starting out as design draftsperson, she soon proved herself to be an invaluable member of the team. Now in her role as General Manager, Catherine is across all sectors of the business as well as overseeing SWA’s QA/QC Department.

For Catherine, one of the most satisfying aspects of her job is seeing a project through to completion.

“It makes me really happy to see a project from start to finish. We build solutions from nothing and then produce a product that works really well and helps our client. It’s fantastic.”

Catherine has loved the unexpected trajectory her career has taken, and she values the experience she gained working across a range of our industrial wastewater treatment projects as well as working on the designs of our market-leading products.

“As I got more experience in the design process, I became involved in some of our bigger projects. It was a big learning curve and now I basically know our SWA products, inside and out.”

She also values the team dynamic and the incredible industry experience that both Managing Director John Meyers and Financial Controller Sarah Chi bring to the company.

“John has so much experience and he is always there if we need advice on how to move forward on a project. Sarah knows so much; she takes care of the financial side of the business, but she’s also a chemical engineer, so we can always turn to her to help us with our processes.”

Catherine still likes to keep her hand in the design process. In fact, she finds it deeply relaxing and very satisfying.

“After a busy day preparing quotes and tender documents and QA documents, my design work is relaxing for me. I think of it as my time. I just love it. And because I know the products so well, it comes easily.”

And luckily for Catherine, there’s always design work to be done. SWA Water Australia customises every product to our clients’ exact specifications. As Catherine notes, over the past ten years we’ve never used the same design twice.

“We never just pull out the same drawing and reuse it. There’s always something that needs to change… often the dimensions will change or maybe the client requires a walkway or a different instrument. There’s always something to add and l really enjoy that process.”

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