Airport stormwater treatment

Flight stranded during rain and bad weather

Airports are an essential part of infrastructure throughout the world that generate large volumes of stormwater.

With large runways, extensive chemical demands and enormous fleets of vehicles that require fuel and oil, airports face unique stormwater management challenges.

The potential for dangerous contaminants to enter stormwater poses significant risks, and effective airport stormwater treatment is essential in order to reduce the negative impact this can have on both soil and groundwater.

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Stormwater management

The apron area of airports, where aircraft are parked, unloaded or loaded, refuelled, boarded and maintained, capture large volumes of stormwater.

These catchment areas are susceptible to various forms of water contamination, including oil, jet-fuel, chemicals and other forms of pollution.

If effective stormwater treatment is not engaged, airports can be a significant contributor to water pollution.

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CPI oil separators

Oil-water separators are used in the treatment of stormwater and wastewater to separate free oil, grease and hydrocarbons from the water phase.

Used in airports and a variety of other industries, coalescing plate interceptor (CPI) oil separators are a type of oil separator most commonly used to separate free oil from produced or effluent water or suspended solids for oily water treatment.

Referred to as gravity separators, CPI oil separators use gravity to remove suspended solids, free oils and grease from wastewater and stormwater.

Easy to maintain and with a very low operating cost, CPI oil separators require little need for extensive or costly maintenance and there is a negligible requirement for spare parts.

Extremely reliable, and with high efficiency and capacity, CPI oil separators prove an effective method for stormwater treatment at airports.

Oil separators placed outside the factory

SWA Water’s CPI oil separators

SWA Water, the world’s leading ​​industrial wastewater treatment company, has designed and constructed oil separators and other treatment systems for airports around the world.

With both a commercial range (1m3/h to 5m3/h) and an industrial range (10m3/h to 500m3/h) available, SWA’s coalescing plate oil separators are modular in design and in concept.

Customers can also nominate several operating conditions, such as flow rate, operating temperature and influent oil concentration.

Customisable options are also available, including an integral waste oil tank, removable lids, pre-chambers for removal of grit and heavy solids, and gas blanketing.

Read more about SWA’s range of CPI oil separators.

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