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SWA Water Group specialises in the design, manufacture and construction of industrial waste water treatment plants in Australia, Thailand, Malaysia and China.

SWA Water Australia Pty. Ltd is part of a multi-national environmental engineering group and is based in Sydney. Our products include Dissolved Air Flow (DAF) units, industrial oil water separators and solids separators. We also undertake complete design and construct of turnkey projects.

We can guarantee our wastewater treatment systems are eco-friendly. Our engineers have manufactured hundreds of oil separators, solids separators and dissolved air flotation (DAF) units.

Our wastewater treatment projects range from the mining industry to workshops and service stations, large food and dairy processing plants to power stations, oil refineries, ordering viagra online, abattoirs and much more.

SWA Water has a waste water treatment plant operating in many locations in Australia, New Zealand, East Asia, India, The middle East, US, South America and Africa. We provide our customers with unique designs that are reliable and of a high quality.

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Member of:

  • Australian Water Association
  • Export Council of Australia
  • Australian Stainless Steel Development Association
  • Welding Technology Institute of Australia
  • NSW Business Chamber


  • 51st Australian National Award – Exporter of the Year 2013 (Small Business)
  • NSW State Premier Award – Exporter of the Year 2013
  • NSW Business Chamber – State Excellence in Export 2013
  • NSW Business Chamber – Regional Excellence in Export 2013