What are Gravity Separators and Their Contribution to Waste Water Treatment?

A gravity separator is a device that separates different components where separating the components with gravity is practical. Gravity separators, as the name suggests, use gravity as the primary force of enabling separation.

A gravity wastewater treatment device separates the water from grease, free oil and low suspended solids. Most waste treatment systems including CPI separators, parallel plate separators and air flotations devices, use gravity to separate solids from the wastewater. Gravity separation devices are compact, adhere to relevant council, state, and national regulations and work quickly and efficiently.

Usually gravity separation equipment is either rectangular or circular in shape with rotating bottom scrapers. Gravity separators are cost effective and use few chemicals, which renders the process environmentally friendly.

Flocculationcanbe used in the gravity separation procedure. This is a process where the particles contact and adhere together to form larger clusters. This makes it easier to remove these particles from the wastewater.

Coagulationis also sometimes used in gravity separators. This is the process of solidifying a liquid, which makes it easier to separate it and remove it from the wastewater.

Sedimentationis the process which uses gravity to separate suspended particles from the wastewater.

Gravity separators are used in the marine industry as an oil water separator, in textile manufacturing, in food processing and manufacturing, paper mills and many other industries.

Different businesses require different types of gravity separators to treat their wastewater, depending on the contaminant size and type.

Once treated, water can be reused, recycled or can undergo further treatment if necessary. This will depend on the contaminants that are contained in the water being treated.

Gravity separators are used in, for example:

  • Removal of grease and silt from industrial water;
  • Pretreatment of sewerage;
  • Treatment of drinking water;
  • Organic waste treatment.

A quality gravity separator will enable your business to quickly and efficiently remove effluent from water, streamline your water treatment procedures, benefit the environment and save you time and money.

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